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Yuan Yao

Yuan Yao is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University. She received her B.S. degree in Metallurgical Engineering at Northeastern University, China. After graduating in 2011, she went to Northwestern University for M.S. degree in Chemical & biological Engineering. Previously, she worked on supply chain optimization during M.S. study. Later she found her interest in sustainability and life cycle assessment, so she decided to change her research area and join Prof. Masanet's lab as a Ph.D student.         

Currently, Yuan is working on developing a modeling framework that is able to assess the net energy, emissions and economic implications of technology changes for U.S. chemical production and their effects across the economy from a life cycle perspective. The model can provide good references for decision making in investment of research and promotion of emerging technologies by companies and policy makers, and offer guidance on the energy saving/emissions reduction potentials of different new technologies, the technology and operational changes required and the investment cost for such technologies.

In addition to technology assessment and prospective life cycle assessment, Yuan is also interested in renewable energy system modeling. She conducted a project analyzing the life cycle impacts of silicon PV made in China by using China-based hybrid life cycle inventory model. Her work address the lack of LCI data of PV modules manufactured in China, which is a major knowledge barrier existing in solar LCA study community. Also, she is the first one to employ a hybrid LCI modeling approach to analyze the environmental impacts of silicon PV from China.

Yuan's work has been published on AIChE journal, Environmental Research Letter, Current opinion in Chemical Engineering and etc. Yuan also gave presentations annually in AIChE Annual Meeting and ACLCA conference.

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