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Energy and Resource Systems Analysis Laboratory
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

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Ph.D. Student of Mechanical Engineering

Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, Room E127
Evanston, IL, 60208, USA

TEL: (847) 467-4329

Runze Huang

Runze Huang is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He received his B.S. in engineering mechanics from Beijing Institute of Technology. In his junior year, he cofounded a start-up company aiming at commercializing biofuel technologies in Southern China and reached deep collaboration with academia, industry and government agencies. During that experience he grew greater interest in energy and sustainability. He continued to graduate study in Northwestern University and joined ERSAL first as a M.S. candidate in mechanical engineering in 2012, and later transferred to Ph.D. program in mid 2013.

He currently works on developing a multi-scale life cycle assessment modeling framework for emerging manufacturing technologies (e.g. additive manufacturing). By looking into energy, environmental and economic net impact in different industry level and temporal-spatial scales, he aims to bridge the knowledge gap between laboratory and business; from present to future. With the analysis, industries and government agencies could receive insights and suggestions for policy making, performance improving, strategic planning and best practice guiding.

His ongoing work has been published in Applied Energy, Resources, Conservation and Recycling and other journals. He also participates and gives presentations in ACLCA and other conferences annually.

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